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We had record bookings last year...

Several weeks in April and May, but only a couple of weeks each in June, July and August!!

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It's everything you want

for that special time away, when you can go someplace that allows you to finally relax and have fun. That place where you can't help but simply say, "Ahhhhh" as the sun warms you and the repeating, gentle crash of the waves calms you.

It's a special feeling that tells me I've arrived at my beach vacation condo in Florida's Panhandle, at the popular Moonspinner complex, at 4425 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach. Like a few lucky souls each year who stay for a week, months, or return mutliple times, I hope you'll soon claim it as your beach vacation condo, too.

I especially enjoy the proximity to the sand--out the door, down a few steps and there you are. And the generous balcony overlooking the beach and the pool allow me to keep an eye on family members wherever they are while enjoying a few moments reading the paper or grilling my next seafood feast.

And, unlike the stereotype for noisy, crowded beaches, my beach vacation condo is on the quiet end of the beach. Close to some of the region's best restaurants, easy to get to and from, and plenty of room to spread out.

Check it out and you'll soon be telling people about your beach vacation condo.

Debbie Moss